Our Story

We are for people on the go, people who work hard and are not afraid to push hard – whether it’s at work or at play.

When our founder was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, he found out (the hard way) that the best pain relief option was a bag of frozen peas.

Of course, there were other drugstore products out there, but he instantly realized no one offered a temperature therapy wrap – designed to fit comfortably and move with the body – while also relieving pain. And no one offered a product that provided both hot and cold therapy.

Three years later, working with a team of engineers and designers KOOL’N FX™ was born.

It fits where it hurts.

Aches, pains and discomfort are bad enough. Lying around all day while you apply hot or cold therapy just adds insult to injury. No one wants to waste time sitting on the sidelines while recovering.

With KOOL’N FX™ gel packs comfortably strapped in place, you can get the cold and hot therapy you require, while continuing to live your life.

KOOL’N FX™ will do its job, while you do yours!