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Hip & Thigh

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  • NEW & IMPROVED: The same KOOL’N FX gel packs you love just got a whole lot BETTER. The NEW outer shell provides IMPROVED DURABILITY & BETTER CUSTOM FIT, over 20% MORE gel-stays COLDER LONGER and CONFORMS to the body for IMPROVED COMPRESSION. NO MORE LEAKS; 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED-Contact KOOL’N FX for a FREE replacement
  • ADJUSTABLE IDEAL FIT ONE-SIZE fits most. To secure the hip gel pack, place it at the pain site, then pull the strap and wrap it around the waist; Next, pull the bottom strap in between the legs all the way through the front; next, Place the band through the hole and secure. Finally, adjust the compression level. All KOOL’N FX products are highly adjustable with ULTRA STRETCHY Velcro for the PERFECT FIT
  • COLD RELIEF Place the NON-TOXIC gel pack into the freezer to reduce swelling and inflammation around the hip and thigh. For HOT COMPRESSION, HEAT IN THE MICROWAVE in a bowl of water for increased blood flow- improves Sciatica, Arthritis, sports injuries, post-surgery recovery, providing joint pain relief & more
  • ENGINEERED EXCELLENCE Finally a gel pack for your hip that is DESIGNED TO STAY IN PLACE to deliver results FAST. The gel packs deliver COMFORTABLE hot and cold therapy to the hip and thigh. Engineered to fit snugly all while being LIGHTWEIGHT, even while your body is in motion. Patented HEXFIT TECHNOLOGY allows the temperature-sensitive gel to flow evenly around the contours of the HIP, providing CONTINUOUS relief to the pain zone for FASTER EASIER RECOVERY WITH better MOBILITY
  • REUSABLE & MULTIPURPOSE Say goodbye to single-use ice and hot packs. KOOL’N FX gel packs are DURABLE and MANUFACTURED TO BE USED over and over again. Long gone are the days when you’d have to hold a bag of ice or a pack of meat against your hip for pain relief. Designed for the hip but may be comfortably used for relief in most other areas of the body. When not in use, keep gel packs in a PROVIDED storage bag in the refrigerator. Place in freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to use

Hip & ThighHip & ThighHip & ThighHip & Thigh