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Neck & Shoulder

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INNOVATIVE FORM FITTING COMFORT Hot and cold therapy wraps for faster recovery and better mobility. Our comfortable and lightweight gel packs are engineered to fit snugly, even while active. Designed to be worn against the skin, under or over the clothing. Held comfortably in place with adjustable Velcro straps.

REUSABLE HOT OR COLD GEL WRAPS Wraps can be used either hot or cold and targets the pain zone for up to 20 minutes. Chill in the freezer to help reduce pain and inflammation. Warm in the microwave to increase blood flow and improve flexibility. Store in a reusable bag.

HEXFIT TECHNOLOGY Our patented design of interconnected hexagonal chambers allows the temperature-sensitive gel inside to flow evenly around the contours of the body, providing continuous relief to the pain zone for up to 20 minutes

Neck & ShoulderNeck & ShoulderNeck & ShoulderNeck & Shoulder